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How Long Does a Propane Tank Last on a Fire Pit?

How Long Does a Propane Tank Last on a Fire Pit?

The average gas fire pit will last from 3 to 6 hours on a 20 lb. propane tank.  Depending on your fire pit BTU rating a tank can last you as long as 9 hours, or as little as 1-1/2 hours.  A 20 pound propane tank contains approximately 430,000 BTU’s.  To determine how long the tank will last with your fire pit divide 430,000 by the BTU rating of your fire pit. Below we have a table where you can determine how long your gas fire pit will last on a 20 pound propane tank.

The times in the table below are an approximation, the actual time you get from your propane tank will be greatly affected by how high you set your flame.  The BTU ratings below can be significantly reduced by keeping the flame low and enabling you to get more usage time from your tank.  Wind will also affect how long your propane tank lasts.  Windy days usually require a higher flame setting to keep it burning nicely.

H-Burner Drop-In Pans

18” x 6” Drop In Pan               70K BTU          6 hours

24” x 8” Drop In Pan               120K BTU        3.5 hours

30” x 10” Drop In Pan             125K BTU        3.5 hours

36” x 12” Drop In Pan             165K BTU        2.5 hours

Linear Burner Drop-In Pans

30” x 6” Drop In Pan               54K BTU          8 hours

36” x 6” Drop In Pan               65K BTU          6.5 hours

48” x 6” Drop In Pan               91K BTU          5 hours

Round Drop-In Pans

13” Round Drop In Pan           48K BTU          9 hours

19” Round Drop In Pan           92K BTU          4.5 hours

Round Burner Rings

6” Round Burner Ring             48K BTU          9 hours

12” Round Burner Ring          92 K BTU         4.5 hours

18” Round Burner Ring          147 K BTU       3 hours

24” Round Burner Ring          294 K BTU       1.5 hours


18” x 6” H-Burner                   75K BTU          6 hours

24” x 8” H-Burner                   125K BTU        3.5 hours

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