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DIY Flame Guard Instructions

How to Make a Custom Sized Fire Pit Flame Guard

If your fire pit is square or rectangular and standard flame guard sizes won’t fit you can make your own flame guard to your size requirements.  It may cost you a bit more to make a flame guard than to purchase a pre-made flame guard.  The glass for a flame guard is standard tempered glass, no need for special heat resistant glass as standard tempered glass can handle heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Materials Needed to Make a Flame Guard:

  • 4 Flame Guard Corner Glass Connectors with Rubber Feet (bottom)
  • 4 Flame Guard Corner Glass Connectors without Rubber Feet (top)
  • 1/4″ or 3/16” Tempered Glass Panels (4 panels)
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Determine the size for your flame guard

Your flame guard should sit outside of the burner pan with about 2 to 3” on each side.  For example, if your burner pan is 20” x 30” you want to make the flame guard between 24” x 34” and 26” x 36”.  Choose the size according to your design needs and how it’ll look with your fire feature.

If you have a stainless-steel cover for your fire pan, the flame guard should fit outside the cover. Never put the cover over the top of the flame guard because the cover is heavy and will be lifted and tossed by the wind.

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Determine the Size for Glass Panels

Ordering your glass 

Most local glass stores can cut, polish and temper glass for you.  Do a quick Google search for something like “glass stores near me” to find a local glass store.  You’ll want to make sure the glass they cut for you is either 1/4″ or 3/16” thick. The glass panels should be 1″ shorter than your desired flame guard size as the corner brackets add 1/2″ to each end.

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Order your hardware

Most glass stores won’t have the hardware you need to complete your glass flame guard.  Celestial Fire Glass has a flame guard hardware kit which includes everything you need to assemble your glass panels.  The kit includes four upper corners and four lower corners with rubber feet.   If you have a flame guard which spans a longer length you can add additional feet to add stability and support mid-length to the long panels (typically panels longer than 30” benefit from additional feet supports).  

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